Tagging und all dat jazz

After getting tagged by my blogamiga, Jae, a few weeks back, I was forced to embark on an introspection of sorts. I had to basically “review” my life in order to pick 8 — not 4, not 12, but 8 — things about me that I could share with friends, acquaintances, and strangers without them thinking I was a certified perv, or sicko, or both.

So, here goes… Be nice ha? Don’t be “Malucious,” okey?

1. I’m really freaked out by the fact that my 3 year old daughter is the spitting image of my late, unlamented (despised, really) aunt. Joskoh! Ito na ba ang kanyang ganti? O hindeeee!!!!

2. When I was still in college, I used to be 158 lbs. Ok, I admit that’s nothing to write home about but compared to my current 200 lbs ++ (emphasis on the “plus-plus”) weight, I used to be positively WAIF-LIKE!

3. I’m what I like to refer to as a “Righteous Racist,” meaning I don’t want to be a racist but I can be when the need arises! What gets my goat? When other people diss my beloved Pilipins, that’s what! Aba! Aba! Aba! Kung aapihin ng mga Arabo ang mga OFW natin… hetot nilang lahat! Kung pagmamalupitan ng mga Intsik ang mga kasambahay nilang Pinay… ‘nyapu nindang gabos!

4. I once got soooo drunk that I actually slept in a garbage dump somewhere in Krus na Ligas. That was years ago na ha? Ngayon, sa sahig na lang ako natutulog kapag mega-senglots na.

5. When I was a child of ten, I was severely traumatized by a particular scene from “Langis at Tubig,” a 1980 film starring Dindo Fernando and Vilma Santos. There was this disturbing (apparently to a child of ten) scene where someone was stabbed by someone else inside a nipa hut with an obviously very mapurol na bread knife! The image of the victim’s blood pooling on the floor and dripping through the siwang of the bamboo slats has been unerasably burned onto my psyche. If only I could sue somebody. Haaay…

6. I really believe, with all my heart, that the Catholic Church in the Philippines intentionally wants people to remain poor, illiterate and desperate so that they will look primarily to God for upliftment. There, I finally said it.

7. I have an aversion to wearing shoes and other confining footwear. If I had my way, I’d wear sandals for the rest of my life.

8. I don’t know how to drive and I have no driver’s license, but I once tried to take a motorcycle for a spin (of course, while drunk) and, not surprisingly, figured in an accident at the then rear parking lot of SM North Edsa. I got “arrested” by the SM blue guards for that stooopid stunt and ended up paying 300 Pesos for “damages” caused to one of SM’s parking lot signs.

Ayan ha, Jae, natapos ko din sa wakas ang parusang ipinataw mo sa akin! Now, in the spirit of sharing the obligation and the inconvenience (hehehe), I solemnly “Tag” Josel, Aaron, Dianne, Cecile, Rhoda, Bonn, Denggai, and Agee.

Tagging und all dat jazz

10 thoughts on “Tagging und all dat jazz

  1. rossanova ay nagsasabing:


    Baket kaya di mo nasama ang pagdekwat ng garden-set chair? Hahaha! Urban legend ba yon? Gustong-gusto ko ang “estoryang” yon!



  2. selvo ay nagsasabing:

    hanoh hitong bago mong kahibangan panyero at dinamay mo akoh? bunsod ba itoh ng bagyong si Egay? o ito ay bunga ng pagkasawa sa ating pet peeve na si MALUngkot? try ko yan later hehehe.

  3. taroogs ay nagsasabing:

    mga kapatid, rudie, raymond… thanks for the comments. Join na din kayo sa kalokohang ito (pwera ka jae kasi ikaw ang pasimuno nito). hehehe… parang therapy na din… tipong babalikan mo ang mga nakaraan mong kalokohan sabay ngiti inwardly…

    rudi, shet, nakalimutan ko yang episode na yan! nga pala no? kaya lang mukhang minental-block ko na siya kasi sa totoo lang — nakakahiya siya. hehehe…

  4. Hi Taroogs,

    Salamat sa pag tag sa akin… sana kahit di tayo nagkikita sana langing kang masaya at malusog….

    siyanga pala… personally kilala mo ba si Larry the Open Source GUY?… pinoy ba ito?



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