The Hobbit (Part 1): kumusta naman?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

IN A WORD: Panalo!

IN SEVERAL WORDS: More than I expected!

IN A SENTENCE: The movie was a creative, and very effective, re-arrangement of the plot sequence as presented in J. R. R. Tolkien’s original work.

IN A PARAGRAPH: I’m impressed. As usual, Peter Jackson has shown his mastery of the relatively new art (and science) of transposing Tolkien’s books into film. His interpretation of the personalities of the characters presented in this film (there were the familiar, albeit relatively younger, characters from the LOTR trilogy in several scenes, of course: Gollum, (the older) Bilbo, Gandalf, Lord Elrond, (a surprisingly nicer) Saruman, and Lady Galadriel, to name those I remember) were funny, ‘human’ (even if they were not human), and quite sympathetic. The presence of returning characters notwithstanding, it was the new characters who really grabbed my attention. The 13 Dwarves, for example, — and I’m trying to list down their names from memory — Thorin, Bifur, Bombur, Kili, Fili, Oin Gloin, Ori, Dori, Nori… (my memory fails me at this point and I’m forced to ‘Google’ the rest hehehe)…  Dwalin, Bofur, and Balin, were a merry mix of seriousness, slapstick, royalty, deviousness, anger and compassion. I sometimes caught myself mentally joining in their banter, adding my own suggestions on how to approach an obstacle, or evade the Goblins and Wargs. Adik ba? Hehehehe. But, without a doubt, it was the younger Bilbo who was the star of the movie. As I followed his adventure on the screen, I was constantly trying to relate the situation to events in the LOTR trilogy and, more importantly, to events as presented in the book. Suffice it to say that watching The Hobbit exercised my mind on so many levels, all at the same time. Yup, it was that good. Watch it, read the book, then watch it again.

IN A FULL ARTICLE: Aba’y sobra na yan. Tama na yung sa taas. Wala namang bayad ‘to eh. 🙂

The Hobbit (Part 1): kumusta naman?

The anticipation is killing me!

May nabasa kasi akong teaser online. Nakalagay — The Hobbit… malapit na! Pero nung binasa ko yung main article, sa December 2012 pa pala ang premier.

Powtek. Bitiiiiin!

Oh well, sabi nga ng mga henyo d’yan sa gilid-gilid, delayed gratification leads to happiness magnification! (or something to that effect. Adik din kasi yung henyong kilala ko. Hehehe)

So heto… konting tiis pa mga kapwa kong Hobbitheads! 🙂

P.S. Without Googling the answer, can you name the 13 Dwarves in The Hobbit?

P.P.S. What do you notice about this particular poster?

The anticipation is killing me!

The Hobbit (malapit naaa!)

Pasensiya na ha? Hindi talaga kasi ako malupet na fans ng Harry Potter series. Ok lang siya for me… pero hindi ko inaabangan, kumbaga. I don’t lose sleep counting off the days before premier night. Kaya pati itong last installment ng Deathly Hallows, wala akong urge na mapanood agad. Ok lang kahit sa DVD later.

Pero ibang usapin ‘tong The Hobbit!

2007 pa lang ay inaantay ko na itong pelikulang ito. At obviously, kahit noon pa lang ay atat-na-atat na akong mapanood siya. Gaya ng pagka-atat kong mapanood agad yung lahat ng LOTR films — The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers at The Return of the King (bumili pa nga ako nung mga collectors DVD boxes ng mga ito).

Eniwey… fast-forward to 2011…

Sa wakas, tapos na rin ang The Hobbit! Malapit ko na siyang mapanood sa big screen! And judging by these still photos (of some of the Dwarven characters), The Hobbit will definitely rock! Wooohoooo!!!! 🙂

The Hobbit (malapit naaa!)