World Cup 2014 na!


Sino bet n’yo? Pili na! ๐Ÿ™‚

As of this posting, Brazil defeated Croatia, 3-1, in the inaugural match.

Sino kaya mananalo sa Spain vs. Netherlands bukas?

Tancha ko Spain. But that’s just my opinion.


World Cup 2014 na!

Go Azkaaaals!

Boom! Kayo na!

Although it would have been better had Chieffy played during the last 2 games, OK na rin.

Next step, Maldives! ๐Ÿ™‚

Goal (Azkals-1, Turkmenistan-0)(the celebration that came after Younghusband’s winning goal. From

Go Azkaaaals!

No. Wait. Let me end the year with this pala!

I never thought a LOSS by our national team could actually make me PROUD to be Pinoy… but the Akzals’ defeat at the hands (erm… feet?) of the Indonesian National Football Team actually did!

Imagine, before this latest tournament, our collective football-related national memory was composed of regular “13-1” and “14-0” drubbings at the hands (feet nga eh!) of our more talented neighbors.

But this time, our team actually beat Vietnam 2-0! Incredible!

That’s like saying that the Republic of Nauru beat New Zealand in Rugby, or that Guam beat Sri Lanka in Cricket, or that Brunei Darussalam beat the United States in Baseball, or thatย the Philippines beat Vietnam in Football

WAIT! We did that na pala! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yun oh! Merry Krismas sa lahat!

No. Wait. Let me end the year with this pala!