Old Skool reminiscing…

Paminsan-minsan, nami-miss ko rin yung mga nagdaang panahon… nung panahong medyo bata pa ako… nung nasa eskwela pa (high school days, hindi college)… nung wala pa akong sobrang problema’t responsibilidad sa buhay.

In short, I miss the simpler days.

Days when:

  • I didn’t need to worry about money too much. Tanggap lang ng tanggap ng allowance (kahit bitin) mula sa mga magulang.
  • Not doing one’s assignment didn’t affect anyone else but yourself, thus not eliciting too much drama from classmates. Minsan nga, astig ka pa sa mata ng mga kaklase kapag pumasok ka ng walang dalang assignment.
  • It was way easier to say “NO” to added tasks… to additional work… unless you really wanted to get them.
  • Having your heart broken was a very big thing, something that can’t easily be drunk away (kasi going to class with a hangover will get you expelled), nor explained away (kasi no explanation ever sufficed to ease the hurt).

And finally,

  • It was quite easy to believe older people (read: parents, titos and titas, teachers, sisters and counselors) when they tell you that “you’re going far in life.”

This is me (indicated by the arrow), together with my classmates and Class Supervisor, sometime in 1985, wholly believing we were, indeed, going to go far.


Old Skool reminiscing…