As in Veinte y Cinco… Bente Singko… Benchinko. Or in the words of my favorite politician from Gensan, Chuwenipayb!

25 implies many things for me: maturity, good pungsoy, distance, life cycles, achievements, milestones… but in this case, 25 stands for the years that have passed since I graduated from High School.

Yes, I’m that old. Hehehehe.

This is me posing for our Graduation Album.

No, it did not make the cut (buti na lang).

I can’t recall now what was going on inside my head while my future kumpare (the photographer whose name appears on the photo. Subtle, di ba?) was shouting at me to “pumose ka nga ng maayos, you pangks!!“… but I bet it had nothing to do with blogging about this scene 25 years later.


(Ano ang nasa dako pa roon? Your future foul-ups, that’s what. Hehehehe)