Kayo? Sinong “Top 3” niyo? Ako…

… sa mga Babaeng Artista:

  1. Bella Padilla
  2. Bea Alonzo
  3. Maja Salvador

… sa Boxers:

  1. Manny Pacquiao
  2. Nonito Donaire
  3. Ana Julaton

… sa Newscasters/Reporters:

  1. Rhea Santos
  2. Vicky Morales
  3. Michael Fajatin

… sa Talk Show Hosts:

  1. David Letterman
  2. Jay Leno
  3. Jojo Alejar

… sa Cultural/Opinion Show Hosts:

  1. Lourd de Veyra
  2. Tonipet Gaba
  3. Susan Enriquez

… sa Investigate Show Hosts:

  1. Howie Severino
  2. Kara David
  3. Abner Mercado

… sa Senado:

  1. Risa
  2. Hontiveros
  3. Baraquel



Kayo? Sinong “Top 3” niyo? Ako…

Hindi na naman ako makakaboto… DEMMIT!

Yan ang sumpa ng aking trabaho — palagi akong nade-destino tuwing Election Day sa lugar na malayo sa kung saan ako rehistrado.

Hindi tuloy ako nakakaboto.


Automated pa naman yung sa May 10 — exciting yun t’yak!

Oh well… ganyan talaga ang buhey.

Kuntento naman ako sa thought na kahit hindi ako nakaboto, nakatulong naman ako sa maraming tao na makaboto (at mabilang ang boto).

Wag lang talagang matatalo ng isang boto yung manok ko! Bad trip yun. hehehe…

Pero kung hindi man ako makakaboto sa May 10…

Pwede naman akong bumoto dito!

Hindi naman bawal, di ba?

Kaya heto… kung makakaboto lang sana ako sa May 10, itong mga ‘to ang pipiliin ko:

President: Noynoy Aquino

Vice-President: Mar Roxas


Risa Hontiveros

Neric Acosta

Danny Lim

TG Guingona

Franklin Drilon

Party-list: AKBAYAN

Representative: None

Mayor: Recom Echiverri

Vice-Mayor: Egay Erice

Konsehal: None


(kita-kits uli after May 10)

Hindi na naman ako makakaboto… DEMMIT!

Ano gagawin ko kapag MANALO si Risa Hontiveros bilang SENADOR?

Kapag maging SENADOR si Risa Hontiveros… I SWEAR:

Magda-diet and Exercise na ako!
Babawasan ko na ang pagkain ng Baboy!
Babawasan ko na ang “extra rice”!
Dadalasan ko na ang pagkain ng Gulay!
Magpapa-facial treatment ako! (hehehe)
Magpapa-foot spa ako!
Babawasan ko na ang pagpupuyat!
Mag-iipon na uli ako sa bangko!
Magsisimula ako ng negosyo!
Magpapakabait na ako!


Ano gagawin ko kapag MANALO si Risa Hontiveros bilang SENADOR?

10 reasons why Risa Hontiveros deserves your vote for Senator.

[Salamat, Atty. Jae, for this very nice appeal 🙂]

Dear Friends,

A week before May 10, 2010, Risa Hontiveros has landed in the number 13 slot of Pulse Asia’s senatorial survey — just a few points shy of making it to the magic 12. All the others in the top 15 either are reelectionists (Lapid, Ejercito, Cayetano, etc.) or are scions of politicians (Marcos, Guingona. etc.) Risa is the only Senatorial newbie with an independent surname to make it within striking distance of a seat.

Please help us ensure that Risa brings her competence to the Senate. To be completely candid about it, please help us ensure that Risa manages to dislodge the deadweights who get reelected year after year, and land safely in the top 12.

Here are 10 reasons why Risa Hontiveros deserves your vote for Senator.

1. Because she isn’t afraid to kick the asses that need kicking and stick her nose where it needs sticking. There isn’t a government scandal that Risa hasn’t spoken boldly against. From the ZTE-NBN deal that would have cost the Philippines billions of pesos to the Hello Garci election tempest to Presidential Decree 1017, to the mishandling of the Ampatuan massacre, Risa has been fearless and clear. It is of little wonder that her office has been denied Pork Barrel by the administration as “punishment” for having the audacity to go against a sitting President.

2. Because she is consistent, at a time when consistency has little currency. It’s cool to lambast GMA and AFP because everybody is doing so. Risa, however, believes that oppression is oppression, a human rights violation is a human rights violation, and is therefore not afraid to call a spade a spade. She has denounced human rights violations of Palparan and the disappearances perpetrated against activists, but has also been equally firm in denouncing atrocities of the armed left like the purges, revolutionary taxes, and the killings of the farmers that were claimed by the National Democratic Front. The government hates her guts (it had her arrested in 2006) and the armed left calls her an attack dog. We simply call her brave.

3. Because she speaks for the marginalized. Risa goes beyond slogans and truly represents the underrepresented sectors in society. She is a sponsor of the Cheaper Medicines Law that brought down the prices of medicines in the country. She can also be credited for shepherding the CARP Extension with Reforms Law – triumphing over the objections of the landowner congressmen in Negros and the extreme left (who were pushing for the passage of a law that they knew to be patently unconstitutional). Hers has been a resounding voice against illegal demolitions, arbitrary detentions and other human rights violations committed against the economically and politically weak.

4. Because she puts in the work. Many people like to talk about change and how badly we need it; few put in the hard work necessary to make that happen. Risa has never been afraid of hard work. Ask her an impromptu question about any of the bills she has filed and she will answer you in detail, even giving you statistics to understand the problem the bill seeks to address. That’s because she isn’t a figurehead congresswoman. She’s a congresswoman that knows her stuff and knows it well.

5. Because she is not one to back down from a fight. Listen to how the politicians try to squirm their way out of giving any categorical response to the Reproductive Health Bill. Then listen to Risa, eyes twinkling, announce that she is a proud sponsor of the RH Bill and that she believes in access to reproductive health. We know that this is one lady who is not afraid of anything or anyone – be they the little woman in Malacanang, the armed revolutionaries in the mountains and their leader in Utrecht, or men in cloaks quoting the bible.

6. Because she has been a good student and continues to be. Risa was an outstanding student at the St. Scholastica’s Manila where she graduated high school and at the Ateneo de Manila University, where she graduated cum laude with a degree in AB Social Sciences. Her discipline and studiousness are apparently hard habits for her to break – to date, she carries a notebook everywhere she goes and takes down notes for reference, never relying on her staff to jot down information for her. She is not afraid to ask questions. Merge the passion of an activist and the academic rigor of a geek and you have someone you want to be your Senator.

7. Because she is a woman who carries the interests of women. Risa is a staunch defender of issues that are important to all – like agrarian reform, peace, labor rights. She has a special place in her heart though, for issues that confront women specifically. Aside from reproductive health, Risa has also played an important part in the breastfeeding advocacy. When the provisions on rural women in the CARPER were in danger of being removed, Risa stood up and argued for their retention. Truly, she is a woman and a mother first; and a politician, second.

8. Because she walks the talk. Many like to spew out empty slogans on acceptance and equality, but balk when confronted with specific instances of inequality and pressed for solutions. Risa has spoken passionately for the equal rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders and has filed the Anti-Discrimination Bill to penalize discrimination on the basis of gender. Despite clear opposition from conservative sectors, Risa has held her ground and dug in her heels.

9. Because her name is clean. Squeaky clean. There’s no dirt on her. Nothing.

10. Because Risa’s victory would signal an important reconfiguration in the transactional, cynical terrain of Philippine national politics. For once, we would have a senator that isn’t a scion, a multi-millionaire, or a person with a bigshot last name. For once, we would have a senator who knows by name the farmers in Quezon, Batangas, Negros, Bukidnon; who is friends with labor leaders toiling in the underbelly of five-star hotels in the city, who have visited the houses of urban poor residents living beside esteros. For once we would have a senator that we can work together with to build a better world – because that’s what she has been doing her entire life.

Atty. Jae de la Cruz
Center for Agrarian Reform Empowerment and Transformation, Inc. (CARET)


10 reasons why Risa Hontiveros deserves your vote for Senator.

13 things about Risa Hontiveros

1. Risa is a talented singer. She loves to sing and among her favourite pieces are classics like “All I Ask of You,”“Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin,” and Gary Granada’s “Saranggola sa Ulan.”
2. When she was thirteen, she played one of the Von Trapp children in the Repertory Philippines production of the “Sound of Music” along with the likes of Lea Salonga, Monique Wilson, and Raymond Lauchengco. If she weren’t into politics, Risa would have loved to be a professional theatre actress and singer.
3. Risa was initiated into activism as a high school student in St. Scholastica’s College fighting for nuclear disarmament. Hers was one of the youngest voices which spoke against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.
4. She was a scholar during college at the Ateneo de Manila Univeristy where she graduated cum laude with a degree in AB Social Sciences. She was an active leader in the Student Government and after graduating, taught at the Ateneo at various times. Rep. Mikey Arroyo was once her student.
5. She was still in school when she entered the world of journalism, and in 1994 was awarded the Golden Dove for Best Female Newscaster by the Kapisanan ng Mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP).
6. She was only 22 years old when she became the Secretary-General of the Coalition of Peace. She eventually served as a member of the Government Panel for Peace Talks and in 2001 she received the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for Peace Advocacy from the Philippine Jaycees.
7. Risa is a nature lover and staunch environmentalist. She is a licensed SCUBA diver, who wishes she could spend more time in the Great Outdoors.
8. In 2005, Risa became a widow after her husband Frank, a police colonel, suffered a severe asthma attack. She and Frank have four kids between the ages of 18 and six: Kiko, Issa, Ianna, and Sinta. A devoted mother, Risa sees to it that she personally brings her kids to school in the morning and makes time in between appointments to run errands for them. She takes them to Sunday mass. She is also active in their school PTAs.
9. She has family all over Luzon and the Visayas. She belongs to the Hontiveros, Miraflores, Acevedo and Pardo clans of Aklan and Capiz on her father’s side. On her mother’s side, she is related to the Suasas of Cavite and the Navarros of Mindoro Occidental. Her husband, a Baraquel, traces his roots to Camarines Sur and Albay.
10. Her grandfather was Jose Hontiveros, a Senator during the 1920’s, of whom it was once said, “Only an Hontiveros can speak his mind in front of Manuel L. Quezon.” She is the sister of broadcaster Pia Hontiveros, and is first cousins with veteran broadcaster Maan Hontiveros and singer and civil society Leah Navarro.
11. Risa loves shawls. She is known to always be wearing an “alampay,” not so much as a fashion statement but as a political statement. Depending on the day’s advocacy, she will wear a green alampay for the environment or agrarian reform issues, a pink one for women’s rights, or a red one for her activist ideals. She’ll readily admit though that she will bring one along simply for its functionality.
12. Risa lives a healthy lifestyle. She prefers a breezy outdoor space over an air-conditioned room. She does yoga whenever she can, avoids soda and dark meat, and does not smoke.
13. Si Risa lang ang tanging “senatoriable” na Crush ko 🙂
13 things about Risa Hontiveros