The Lies that Bind.

How does that adage go again — “the only things certain in life are death and taxes?” Agree ako dun, pero parang kulang… kasi sa tingin ko there are other things that are certain in life, especially when one talks of dealing with other people (which almost everyone alive in the world today does). Ang problema lang, parang mas marami yung mga “certain things” na negative kaysa positive.

Ok.Ok. Tumira na naman ang pagka-negatron ko, I know. But you can’t blame me. Just try watching/reading the news on a regular basis. Ano ang mas marami — good news o bad news?

My point exactly.

We can argue na baka naman it’s Media’s fault — na mas binibigyan nila ng priority ang mga masasamang balita kaysa sa magaganda, pero how sure are we that this is actually the case? Paano kung fact lang talaga na mas maraming masasamang nangyayari sa mundo — sa komunidad, gubyerno, ekonomiya, even sa showbiz?

Pero that’s another issue. Balik muna ako sa original kong topic… or as close to it as possible… my proposition is this: like death, and probably even more than taxes, encountering lies is certain in life.

Everybody lies. Period. No ifs and buts about it.


But, of course, lies are not equal. Tama din naman yun.

There are lies that are so insignificant that nobody cares anymore. There are lies that, given a specific context, can cause more good than telling the truth would. There are lies that are plainly bad and no manner of excuse can hope to justify them.

And then there are lies that are so evil that they deserve the worst punishment possible, and immediately.

Pero who decides which lie belongs in which category? Therein lies the rub (ika nga ni idol Conrado de Quiros) — kasi the people or institutions that purport to be the guardians of truth (and by extension, the judges of lies) are pathological liars themselves!

  • The Government lies.
  • Media lies.
  • The Church lies.
  • Movies, Songs, History Books, Poetry, Holy Books contain lies.
  • Police, Teachers, Managers, Politicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Soldiers, Activists, Judges, Students, Principals, Priests, Athletes, Nuns, Scientists, Evangelists, Voters… they all lie.
  • Even our Parents, Siblings, Husbands, Wives, Partners and Children lie.

Only Animals, Mathematics and Zombies don’t lie, methinks.

And lies, though they often cause us to become divided, bind us Humans together as no other common denominator ever can.

So, in summation, We All Lie.

But that’s just my opinion. And, mebbe that too is just another lie.  😉

The Lies that Bind.