Isa sa mga inspirasyon ko sa buhay.

Hindi pwedeng ipakita ang kanilang mga mukha. Hindi rin pwedeng pangalanan ang mga batang ito. Kaya ipapakilala ko na lang sila sa inyo sa pamamagitan nito…

Litrato ng kanilang mga paa… mga paang pilit ipinagkakasya sa loob ng taling straw na ibinilog sa sahig (isa sa mga activity na kakabit ng Leadership Seminar).

‘Onga pala… hindi sila mga Pinoy. Sila’y mga Burmes. At isang beses kada buwan ay nakakapiling ko sila, kasama ang ilan sa mga ka-opisina ko, sa Thailand.

Sila’y mga political refugees. Pansamantala silang lumabas ng kanilang bansa para iwasan ang matinding represyon sa ilalim ng Military Junta na kasalukuyang naghahari sa Burma.

Lumabas sila at iniwan ang kanilang mga pamilya ‘di para talikuran ang kanilang laban kundi para magpalakas, magpahinga at mag-aral… upang sa kanilang pagbalik sa loob ay mas pursigido nilang maisusulong ang pakikibaka tungo sa paglaya ng Burma.

Idol ko silang lahat.


Isa sa mga inspirasyon ko sa buhay.

Free Burma Now!

To visit Burma has been a dream of mine since decades back. Why? Because of one lady in particular — Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Her years of struggle to lead the freedom-loving Burmese people from military tyranny to democracy has been an inspiration to many people around the world, me included.

She is like Nelson Mandela in her ability to unite people…

She is like Mahatma Gandhi in her patient, non-violent approach…

She is like the Dalai Lama in the respect accorded her by her followers…

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is Burma.

Let us use our freedom to fight for theirs!


Free Burma Now!

What the Catholic Church needs to do…

… to improve its image.

For a person who grew up belonging to a deeply religious family and whose educational foundation consisted of a series of Catholic Schools, I can probably be considered — by the priests and nuns I’ve known — as somewhat of a major disappointment.

It’s not that I hate the Catholic Church, but that they (the leaders, spokespersons and other personalities) make it sooo hard for me to like the institution.

But there is still hope. Meron pang pwedeng gawin ang simbahan para mabawasan ang pagka-nega ng tao dito.

Suggestion lang naman po.

  • Ordain Women Priests
  • Support Gay Priests
  • Pay Taxes
  • Weed out Pedophiles rather than protect them
  • Stop meddling in Politics
  • Let Priests (and Nuns) marry
  • Lessen the pomp and extravagance of the Vatican State
  • Enough with the Excommunication threats
  • Publish audited report of donations and offertory “loot”
  • Allow divorce
  • Strictly limit number of “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” (sa kasal, binyag at kompil) to a maximum of 2 each.
  • Huwag tumanggap ng donasyon mula sa gambling lords, smugglers, drug lords, magnanakaw at mga mamamatay-tao
  • Rein-in “holier than thou” Lay groups
  • Implement a fixed retirement age for Priests and Nuns
  • Allow Unions within the Church


What the Catholic Church needs to do…

Mga lugar na NEVER kong pupuntahan.

I admit na medyo mahirap talagang magsalita ng tapos… what may be true today may not necessarily still be true tomorrow. So i’ll qualify my title statement na lang.

Heto ang mga lugar na never kong pupuntahan SA NGAYON.

Of course, my admiration for our OFW Kababayans who still continue to go to these places para lang kumita ng pera para sa kanilang mga pamilya cannot be emphasized enough.

Pero, given the choice, I’ll do my best to avoid going (or being  deployed) to the following places at all cost: Magpatuloy magbasa “Mga lugar na NEVER kong pupuntahan.”

Mga lugar na NEVER kong pupuntahan.

Paulina Gaitan Rocks!

I saw this film on HBO the other day and was positively blown away!

The story-telling was riveting and the actors entirely believable. But it was one of the protagonists who was the absolute star — Paulina Gaitan, who played the role of Sayra, was not only very sympathetic, her way of acting was near flawless, without the usual “pagka-OA” we Pinoys have come to expect from young actresses like her.

Sin Nombre (Without Name) puts to film the tragic story of one Honduran family seeking to enter the United States illegally via Mexico. Their desperate voyage — beset by violent gangs (the Mara Salvatrucha), exploitation and by the indifference and, sometimes, utter contempt shown by the people they encounter along the way — forces the viewer to confront issues normally hidden from the public’s view.

I won’t ruin the experience for you by telling you how the film ended. Suffice it to say that it was with a bitter-sad-hopeful tone 🙂

Get your hands on a copy now! I did!

Sana man lang meron tayong aktres na kasing galing ni Paulina.

Paulina Gaitan Rocks!

We are a Violent People pretending to be Humane.

Think about it.

  • young girls, some only children, raped and killed by neighbors, close relatives, even by their own fathers or brothers
  • businessmen abducted, killed and their bodies burned
  • a woman killed by her husband and whose body is encased in cement and thrown into a lake
  • warlords massacring rival clans and anyone unlucky enough to get caught in the middle
  • “chop-chop” victims dumped everywhere like yesterday’s garbage
  • media practitioners assassinated
  • aborted fetuses flushed down toilets
  • local officials gunned down by hired killers…

WE have all that and more… BUT we don’t have the Death Penalty.

Well, we used to… but certain powerful sectors in our society deemed it INHUMAN and voted it away (killed it, actually. Ironic, no?)

Does that make us a Humane society?

A society IN DENIAL, more like 😦

We are a Violent People pretending to be Humane.

Mabuhay ang mga HATERS! :-)

Sapagkat lahat ng tao sa mundo ay may papel na ginagampanan

Kaya kahit umaapaw at bumubulwak ang inyong arrogance, bigotry, pagkakitid ng utak, ka-epalan, kayabangan, pagka self-righteous at general hatred for people na hindi ninyo katulad mag-isip, GO LANG NG GO!


The HATERS during Pride Marches!!

With “Judges” like these, who needs courts? 🙂

Mabuhay ang mga HATERS! :-)