Paulina Gaitan Rocks!

I saw this film on HBO the other day and was positively blown away!

The story-telling was riveting and the actors entirely believable. But it was one of the protagonists who was the absolute star — Paulina Gaitan, who played the role of Sayra, was not only very sympathetic, her way of acting was near flawless, without the usual “pagka-OA” we Pinoys have come to expect from young actresses like her.

Sin Nombre (Without Name) puts to film the tragic story of one Honduran family seeking to enter the United States illegally via Mexico. Their desperate voyage — beset by violent gangs (the Mara Salvatrucha), exploitation and by the indifference and, sometimes, utter contempt shown by the people they encounter along the way — forces the viewer to confront issues normally hidden from the public’s view.

I won’t ruin the experience for you by telling you how the film ended. Suffice it to say that it was with a bitter-sad-hopeful tone 🙂

Get your hands on a copy now! I did!

Sana man lang meron tayong aktres na kasing galing ni Paulina.

Paulina Gaitan Rocks!