Don’t Panic!

Kahit pa andami-daming dahilan para mag-panic ang isang normal na tao… DON’T PANIC pa din.

‘Kets ‘kamo?

Kasi di hamak na mas maraming dahilan not to (panic, that is). We just need to apply a bigger perspective to things. Tandaan, what may be a cause of panic today might actually be a harbinger of good news in the future.


don't panic

… kahit kinukurakot ng mga hayup na trapo’t gahamang kababayan natin ang pera ng taumbayan… nagigising na kasi finally ang mga ordinaryong mamamayan at hinding-hindi na nila (natin!) papayagang maulit muli ang ganitong pandarambong!

… kahit sunod-sunod ang delubyong dumadaan sa Pilipinas… mapipilitan din tayong ayusin finally ang sistema ng ating drainage, housing, land use, forest conservation, atbp. Otherwise mamamatay na talaga tayong lahat.

… kahit palaging inaapi at inaabuso ang mga kababayan nating OFWs ng mga amo nilang Arabo… mauubusan din ng langis ang mga hayup na ‘yun! Maghihirap din sila. Darating ang panahon na mga Arabo naman ang mamamasukan dito sa bansa natin.

… kahit padami pa ng padami ang bilang nating mga Pinoy… Mother Nature will find a way to convince us na mas mainam talaga ang nagpa-plano ng pamilya.

… kahit pamahal ng pamahal ang mga bilihin

Pakshet. Nakaka-panic na pala! 😦

Don’t Panic!

Something “Ignoble” inside the Philippine UN Office?


In truth, I’ve already heard of this “UN Scandal” a month before the “Great Malu Fernandez Scandal” first broke out in the blogoshpere.

I was planning to write a post about this issue but I never got around to do it. Two things hindered me — one was my then relative unease at blogging (newbie pa kasi); the other was the “Malucious Diva” herself, who succeeded in “hogging” (sorry, couldn’t resist that) my attention for several weeks 🙂

But now, given that the Malu Issue has progressed to another level, let me get back to Nileema Noble (that’s her the airbrushed arrow is pointing at).

Magpatuloy magbasa “Something “Ignoble” inside the Philippine UN Office?”

Something “Ignoble” inside the Philippine UN Office?



The following are just some of Gen. Jovito Palparan’s “quotable quotes” mentioned in the Melo Commission Report… Why do I suddenly see images of Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Genghis Khan flashing in my mind? 😦

Potential vigilante style actions by anti-communist elements outside the military organization cannot be stopped completely and the killing of activists are necessary incidents to conflict.

I cannot order my soldiers to kill, it’s their judgment call, they can do it on their own.

The killings are being attributed to me but I did not kill them, I just inspire the trigger men.

Their (three students doing research work outside Manila and who disappeared) disappearance is good for us but as to who abducted them we don’t know.

…wage the ongoing counter-insurgency… by “neutralizing” not just armed rebels but also a web of alleged front organizations that include leftist political parties, human rights and women’s organizations, even lawyers and members of the clergy.

My order to my soldiers is that, if they are certain that there are armed rebels in the house or yard, shoot them. It will just be too bad if civilians are killed in the process. We are sorry if you are killed in the crossfire.

There would be some collateral damage, but it will be short and tolerable. The enemy would blow it up as a massive violation of human rights. But to me, it would just be necessary incidents.

Sorry na lang kung may madamay na civilian… The death of civilians and local officials were ‘small sacrifices’ brought about by the military’s anti-insurgency campaign.

I encourage people victimized by communist rebels to get even.

How apt that the Melo Commission chose to end their report with another quote, this time from the Book of Wisdom: THE MIGHTY SHALL BE MIGHTILY PUT TO THE TEST.