The Change I Want


First things first. I did not vote for Rody Duterte. Ilalatag ko na yun agad habang maaga pa.

I voted for Mar Roxas for President. I had my reasons, of course; the same way that those who voted for Digong had their reasons as well.

The point, however, is simply this: our reasons for voting (or not voting) are all valid and should be respected – no matter what. It is our right to express our political opinions and preferences and the most concrete expression of that right would be our actual votes during election day. Which means that if we really believe in the importance of this tool of democracy called elections, we should learn to respect and — though it’s sometimes very hard to do — accept the outcome.

After all, we can’t always have what we want all the time, right?

So I will say this: even if the guy sometimes scares me… and his family scares me… and his friends scare me… and his advisers scare me… and his plans scare the bejeezus out of me… I accept his victory.

And I wish him well. I wish him success in his six years in office as President of the Philippines. For the people have spoken; and as they say, the voice of the People is the voice of God.

But… of course there is a “but;” there’s always a “but”… I hope to God his promise to bring “change” to our country does not destroy it at the same time.

Change is good. Change is inevitable.

But change can be achieved through many different ways, so we don’t always have to choose the most traumatic ways to effect change; more so if our leaders seem hell-bent on doing exactly that.

The Change I Want

Elections already over? Wahappen??!

Amazing. I was so caught up in my work these past few months that I completely overlooked blogging about the 2016 Elections. I know my blogging has been quite irregular lately (to say the least), but to not blog anything at all about the elections?! That’s not right!

But better late than never, right? Also, late blogging affords me the opportunity to be… let’s just say, less passionate about the topic.

So the campaign period has come and gone… the voting has finally finished… and the counting almost over. Many local candidates have already been proclaimed and people are now waiting for the proclamation of the new set of national leaders. Of course, the outcomes are already clear (except probably for the VP race) and one already has an inkling – depending on which side of the line you were on during the campaign – of how good, or bad, the next six years will be for you.

In my case, I’m both worried and relieved.

Worried because the incoming President did make many worrying pronouncements during the campaign. Worried because He seems intent on pushing through with his ideas. Worried because the current make-up of his Cabinet seems to be a recipe for ceaseless infighting.

I am quite relieved, though, that the poisoned atmosphere that was the campaign has finally dissipated — with some hardcore exceptions, of course. There always are. I am also relieved that the elections were generally peaceful and fair (again with some exceptions). And I am very much relieved that “democracy,” such as we know it in the Philippines, is still very much alive, albeit more smudged, scratched and dingy than before.

It’s not wishful thinking to clamor for change. I only hope that it is the kind of change that we can all live with (and not die from).

Change ahead

Elections already over? Wahappen??!