Lessons from Yolanda


Sino nga ulit yung nagsabi n’un? Na one of the few things good about tragedies daw is that they afford us the opportunity to learn something?

Well, baka nga. Pero napaka-lupit na paraan naman nun to “learn something.” ‘Di ba pwedeng lecture na lang?

Kaya lang, totoo rin na minsan hindi tayo matuto-tuto kahit ilang beses pang idikdik sa utak natin ang isang bagay. And it needs something truly radical to finally and permanently embed the lesson, whatever it may be, in our minds.

I believe Typhoon Yolanda was one such teacher.

Andami kong natutunan when looking back to the events that transpired before, during and after her rampage across the Visayas.

Lessons like:

  • Totoo ang Global Warming/Climate Change and its worsening effect on weather patterns around the world.
  • One can never prepare enough for a Super Typhoon. But good preparation can lessen the hurt that follows.
  • More Super Typhoons are coming. Stronger ones.
  • Government can’t do it alone.
  • One country can’t do it alone.
  • Kahit marami pa ang tumulong sa atin, sa dulo it will only be us left to finish the work.
  • Doing relief work is not a competition.
  • Every little bit counts.
  • The most precious donations are from those who literally have nothing to give but still do.
  • Mas magandang mag-bayanihan kaysa magsisihan.
  • Hindi na sasapat ang basta mag-rebuild. We need to rebuild better!

I learned the lessons. Now to apply them.

Lessons from Yolanda

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