Kung gagawa ako ng isang kwentong pambata…

… titiyakin ko na pawang mga katotohanan lamang ang lalamanin nito. Dahil we owe it to the next generation to tell them the TRUTH — about life, other people, their government, their community, their family.

Shempre we can sugar-coat the truth a bit to make it a little more palatable (read: less terrifying) to their young minds; but it is the truth, nevertheless.

Such truth as:

  • There is no magic wand, or magic carpet, or fairy god-mother… who will erase your misfortunes and whisk you off to Never-Neverland. Lahat ay pinaghihirapan. Kahit sa pagtaya sa Lotto, pipila ka ng katakut-takot!
  • There is no Prince Charming… Prince Charing pa siguro, meron. Wala ring Cinderella. Puro mga feeling-Cinderella lang.
  • “BFF” can sometimes mean “bitchy f@%king friends”
  • Kids, no matter how young, and even if they don’t really mean it, can be very mean sometimes.
  • Many adults, especially those wielding secular and religious powers, often prefer that young people don’t think for themselves.
  • No one is entirely good all the time; neither is one entirely evil. Most people are in the middle, struggling to be good, but being forced by circumstances to be evil.
  • Promises are not meant to be broken, but they usually are. Kaya hinay-hinay lang sa pangangako.
  • Ang mga magulang, ginagabayan din dapat minsan ng mga anak nila.
  • Lies are oftentimes passed off as the truth.
  • People sometimes prefer convenient lies over brutal truths.



Kung gagawa ako ng isang kwentong pambata…

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