Pwera biro… I really wanna be a Prepper!

Call me crazy, but I think everyone should be a “prepper” in one form or another. “Prepping” simply means preparing for something, and I’m sure everyone will agree on how logical and ideal this virtue is.

It’s the “for something” part, however, that often results in snickers and raised-eyebrows… for herein, in this wide-ranging expanse of possibilities, is found the domain of the “crackpots.”

Preparing… prepping for your old age. Normal. Prepping for an asteroid slamming into the Earth. Not so normal.

Prepping for global financial collapse. Plausible. Prepping for the rise of Zombies. Crackpot-level ka-praningan.

You get the general idea.

I wanna be a Prepper; but of the non-crackpot variety. For example, I think preparing for effects of the following events can, arguably, be considered logical:

  • The eventual drying-out of the Oil Supply.
  • The rise of global water levels.
  • Worsening natural disasters brought about by Climate Change.
  • Social strife due to economic hardships

Preparing for the following events, on the other hand, is definitely already within the “crackpot” category for me. Granted, they are not totally impossible, they are so improbable that they might as well be:

  • Nuclear/Chemical/Biological War
  • Global Pandemic
  • “Extinction-level” asteroid impacts
  • Sudden, global financial meltdowns
  • The Apocalypse, in the biblical sense

Kayo? What are you “prepping” for? 🙂

Pwera biro… I really wanna be a Prepper!

5 thoughts on “Pwera biro… I really wanna be a Prepper!

  1. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m
    not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say
    fantastic blog!

  2. U wanna be a preppers? Bakit naman… baka naman nasobrahan ka manood ng “Doomsday Preppers” sa Nat Geo. Sabi ni blens magdala ka rin ng sumpak in case may mga “Aliens”! 😀

    Taroogs — nadale mo, nat! fans nga ako nun. kaadik. hehehe

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