2 down… 98 to go. Happy Birthday, Anak! :-)

Kaka-2nd birthday lang ng bunso kong anak a few days ago. Coming as I did from a family that wasn’t too hot with holding birthday parties (or any party for that matter… X-mas parties excluded, shemps), the missus and I decided on a simple celebratory affair: go to the mall to cool off, give the birthday boy a new haircut, allow the kids to play at timezone, and have lunch together.

Maliban sa birthday-haircut plan (nagwala si bebehboi… di yata type yung manggugupit. hehehe), maayos namang natuloy yung ibang activities.

Kaso, after nakauwi na kami… after settled-in na ulit ang mag-kapatid sa bahay (read: nagbabangayan as usual)… napa-isip ako: ano ba ang birthday wish ko sa aking bunso?

A mix of “the usuals” and “medyo kakaiba” na wishes, apparently.

  1. To have a healthy life.
  2. To have a reasonably happy life.
  3. To always get along nicely with his Ate.
  4. To have a good education.
  5. To be intelligent.
  6. To live in a relatively safe and just society.
  7. To be “green” minded (read: environmentalist).
  8. To be considered by other people as a “good person”
  9. To have true friends (kahit konti lang sila).
  10. To be humble.
  11. To be responsible.
  12. To be able to contribute to the improvement of his community, society, the country and the world.
  13. To have a wonderful family.
  14. To have a long AND productive life.
  15. To have a great sense of humor.
  16. To always learn from his mistakes.
  17. To not be “sheep.”
  18. To not be too pressured by the expectations of his parents 🙂

Happy Birthday, Anak! 2 down… 98 to go! 🙂

2 down… 98 to go. Happy Birthday, Anak! :-)

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