What the Catholic Church needs to do…

… to improve its image.

For a person who grew up belonging to a deeply religious family and whose educational foundation consisted of a series of Catholic Schools, I can probably be considered — by the priests and nuns I’ve known — as somewhat of a major disappointment.

It’s not that I hate the Catholic Church, but that they (the leaders, spokespersons and other personalities) make it sooo hard for me to like the institution.

But there is still hope. Meron pang pwedeng gawin ang simbahan para mabawasan ang pagka-nega ng tao dito.

Suggestion lang naman po.

  • Ordain Women Priests
  • Support Gay Priests
  • Pay Taxes
  • Weed out Pedophiles rather than protect them
  • Stop meddling in Politics
  • Let Priests (and Nuns) marry
  • Lessen the pomp and extravagance of the Vatican State
  • Enough with the Excommunication threats
  • Publish audited report of donations and offertory “loot”
  • Allow divorce
  • Strictly limit number of “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” (sa kasal, binyag at kompil) to a maximum of 2 each.
  • Huwag tumanggap ng donasyon mula sa gambling lords, smugglers, drug lords, magnanakaw at mga mamamatay-tao
  • Rein-in “holier than thou” Lay groups
  • Implement a fixed retirement age for Priests and Nuns
  • Allow Unions within the Church


What the Catholic Church needs to do…

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