Aba, birthday mo nga pala ano? :-)

Some people say that whatever gift one chooses to give another says a lot not only about the person for whom the gift was selected, but about the giver as well.

Hmmm… nice saying, but a very dangerous trap if you ask me.

Eh kasi naman… who in their right mind would agree to have their gift-selection process subjected to such an arbitrary guideline? Do you trust psychologists enough to allow them to brand you (the gift buyer) and the person you bought a gift for as being such and such kind of a person… as exhibiting this and that type of a personality… all because of your particular gift selection?!

Not me. No way. Wag na oy! Take your couch and drag it to where the guinea pigs roost, dok, ‘coz you ain’t getting no customers here. (wow, h’nlabo nun a.)

There’s more at play when a person selects a gift than just personality traits… than mere character. There are certain realities that cannot be divorced from the psychological side of gift-buying. I can think of two very important ones — the cost and utility of the gift — and I bet there are dozens more.

I hope you’ve been paying attention, be because all that has absolutely nothing to do with why my gift to you on your birthday is this…


Ah yes… I can already imagine your pleased reaction when I tell you the good news later tonight! 🙂

[picture of wife deleted]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, be… You Da (wo)Man!

P.S. pinabura sa akin ni misis yung litratong naka-post dito nung May 12 kasi “private” daw iyon. Napagalitan pa ako… alisin ko na lang daw yung buong post kasi hindi naman interesting! (hikbi…)

Kaya kinunan ko na lang siya ng bagong litrato nung kasalukuyang sinasabon niya ako.


Aba! huling-huli yung galit o… 🙂

Aba, birthday mo nga pala ano? :-)

2 thoughts on “Aba, birthday mo nga pala ano? :-)

  1. hi. Your blog is now nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 161). You may visit the site and vote. Find the poll on the sidebar. 🙂

    Taroogs – asteeg! 🙂

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