Bike-building 101


A lady friend YM-ed me recently to ask for “tips” about buying a bike. She said she was seriously considering purchasing one and wanted to know what advice, if any, I could give her.

Naaks… Shempre feeling bike expert agad ako, di ba?

Kaya I tried to recall everything I knew about bikes so as to pick the best one with which to impress said friend.

Dun medyo sumabit.

One would think that more than ten years – on and off, to be very honest – of biking experience would have afforded me several gems of advice that I could dish out during a moment’s notice. Advice like how best to strike a balance between price and value… what mix of bicycle components suits one’s riding personality… how to ride defensively (and sometimes even offensively) on our notoriously dangerous (read: cyclist-unfriendly) streets… how to satisfactorily maintain a bike’s various moving parts… what specific tire pressure is demanded by a particular riding surface… even how to avoid flats, chain derailment and back pains.

But no. Hindi ko naalala ang mga ganung payo. Ni hindi nga sumagi sa isipan ko.

Anong tip ang ibinigay ko sa kaibigan kong nagtanong?


Lady friend: so anong tingin mo?

Taroogs: basta wag kang bibili ng bisikleta sa department store.

Lady friend: dahil?

Taroogs: benta lang ang habol nila… wala silang pakelam sa bumibili. Sa mga bike shops sa tabi-tabi ka na lang bumili.

Lady friend: ah… sige. Salamat.

Hehehe. Halata bang asar ako sa mga higanteng malls?

Mabuhay ang mga maliliit at independent na negosyo! 🙂

Bike-building 101

3 thoughts on “Bike-building 101

  1. sandijmartin ay nagsasabing:

    kapag kailangan kong bilhin na pyesa sa aking bike, hindi rin ako sa mall nagpupunta kungdi sa mga tindahan ng bike sa may quiapo at cartimar

    Taroogs — yup, cartimar boy din ini! 🙂 ok din sa quiapo at sa marikina area.

  2. Joey Damaso ay nagsasabing:

    I want to start business sa pagbibisekleta and other things. can you help me. about sa capital?

    Taroogs — kapatid na joey. the best help i can give you is to ask you if you’ve thought out your plan completely. marami kasi akong alam na bike shops na nagbukas at nagsara din after a few months. iba-ibang rason, shempre, pero ang common denominator ay issues on location, capital and target market.

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