Jun Lozada versus the “Pinoy Mafia” (uy, rhyme yun a!)

It seemed straight out of a Hollywood espionage movie — the witness is intercepted at the airport by unknown but apparently well-connected “police escorts” (they were able to enter a very restricted area) who spirit him away under the very noses of government agents waiting at the arrival area (kasi hindi sila pinapasok sa restricted area. wawa naman) to arrest him. Even media, a normally inquisitive lot, was unable to anticipate the move.

Next followed a frantic scrambling… rapid phone calls… a car chase… vehement denials… statements from worried next of kin…

Langya, shoot-out na lang ang kulang, tsaka itim na helicopter na hinahabol ng spotlight yung kotse ๐Ÿ™‚

Was the witness “kidnapped” by people sent by those who wanted to desperately keep him away from the hands of their enemies in the Senate? Was he “rescued” by friends? Or was it, in fact, his own idea to “disappear” for a little while before finally coming out to testify?

Whatever the answer turns out to be, it is undeniable that this latest episode in the ongoing drama that is Philippine Traditional Politics has managed (once again) to capture the imagination of the people (haay…. ganun na ba tayo talaga ka-starved for entertainment?).

Rodolfo Lozada, the latest “star witness” in the Senate investigations of the NBN-ZTE Scandal, which implicates, in varying degrees of culpability, the First Gentleman, Commissioner Abalos, several Chinese Businessmen and Secretary Neri, finally resurfaced several hours after his “abduction,” alive but…


Napapalibutan ng mga pari at madre, pagod, maluha-luha habang nagsasalita… pero mukhang palaban.

If what he related during his 2am press conference is any indication, the Senate Hearing scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) could turn out to be the proverbial “last straw” that broke the camel’s back… pero teka, hindi naman mukhang camel si “kwan” akuto pa siguro ๐Ÿ™‚

The previous Senate Hearings led to the resignation of Chairman Abalos I wonder what this next set of hearings will lead to this time?

Jun Lozada versus the “Pinoy Mafia” (uy, rhyme yun a!)

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