A Cool Jewish Reggae-Rap Artist? Here’s One!

Meet Matisyahu, a Jewish Reggae-Rap artist who’s currently getting critical acclaim in the American music arena (entertainment pundits have called him “the most intriguing Reggae artist in the world”). He’d already been invited to perform live on the Late Night with David Letterman Show, which is a sure indication of success, if you ask me.

Yup, you read it correctly… “Jewish.” And not just your everyday, run of the mill “Jerry Seinfeld – Hi, I’m Jewish!” type — I mean a conservative (he’s a Hassidic Jew), traditional costume-wearing, never-perform-during-the-Sabbath type of Jewish. In fact, he prefers to be called “Matisyahu,” which is the Hebrew-Yiddish pronunciation of the Biblical name, Matthew… as in Matthew Paul Miller — his formal name.

So what’s so surprising about him? Tutal marami namang mga artista, producers at directors na Jewish, di ba? He’s just another credit to the race, so to speak. Or he could simply be a (Jewish)media-creation. Sabi nga ng mga cynical sa atin… “yet another brainchild of the Jewish Hollywood Mafia.” But that’s another story.

Pero teka… come to think of it, kaya siguro wala pang Muslim na nananalo ng “Best Actor/Director/etc” Award sa Oscars! Hehehe (joke lang po).

Anyway, Matisyahu is young… very talented… and legions of young people (not only Jewish ones) idolize him. I just hope that he uses his talents well.

After all, Hate and War, like Love and Peace, can be very compelling themes when put into music.

A Cool Jewish Reggae-Rap Artist? Here’s One!

3 thoughts on “A Cool Jewish Reggae-Rap Artist? Here’s One!

  1. iba nga… napaka-unconventional. nakakaaliw panuorin. 🙂 inu-ulit-ulit ko i-replay para ma-gets yung lyrics. 😛

    Taroogs – sa page niya sa YouTube, meron isang animated version na may lyrics. pwedeng mag-singalong (kung kaya!) heheh

  2. VD ay nagsasabing:

    sana lang hindi siya masyado Jew-centric. Hindi yan magugustuhan ng mga Palestinian rasta. hehehe

    Taroogs – korek, tol… teka… may kilala kang mga palestinong rasta? hehe

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