Among Ed: the one “Good” among the many “Bad and Ugly”

I’ve never been a fan of priests or nuns in general and my previous posts attest to this. In fact, with very few notable exceptions — Bishop Emeritus Julio Labayen being the foremost — most priests and nuns I’ve known have been either “terrors” or just plain too self-righteous.

Enter Fr. Eddie Panlilio… “Among Ed” to his parishioners, friends, family and supporters in Pampanga. I’m sure you’re all familiar with his story so I’ll dispense with the summary.


But here’s the thing… unlike the Sumilao Farmers, who are currently fighting against San Miguel Corporation — the largest food and beverage corporation in the Philippines — in what can only be called a “very uphill battle,” Among Ed, in his candidacy for Pampanga’s Governorship during May 11, 2007 Elections, was fighting against much greater odds.

How much greater, you ask? Try running against Gloria’s anointed candidates in her own home province!

Include Jueteng Money, Quarry Money, and Guns and Goons into the picture and one can get a glimpse of how dangerous the Campaign Season in Pampanga was.

In fact, many political analysts then were already calling the contest an “impossible dream”… the outcome a veritable “no-brainer.”

But, as it turned out, the majority of Kapampangans didn’t read the articles of these so-called poll experts… or if they did, they paid them no heed. They voted for “Among Ed” in droves… despite the bribes… despite the threats…

And “Among Ed” won! Not overwhelmingly, of course (given the situation on the ground, THAT was impossible)… but he won… despite the cheating. [ the sarcastic among us will smile if told that the defeated candidate later accused Among Ed of cheating 🙂 ]

“Among Ed” is now “Among Gov“… but his problems are only beginning. Almost all other winning candidates, from the Vice Gov, to Mayors, to Barangay Captains, to Kagawads… were from the “other side.”

And it seems that they have vowed to undermine Among Ed’s every move. Not content with boycotting the meetings he regularly convenes, now they even boycotted the celebrations of Pampanga Day!

Then there is this rumor that Among Ed will not remain in the Capitol for long. “Hanggang Disyembre na lang siya“, many local politicos are whispering.

Will they do it via a Recall? They can do it easily. After all, they control all City and Municipal Governments.

Will they do it via a Recount? They could. They did file a complaint against Among Ed with COMELEC.

They can even do it the old fashioned way — via an assasin’s bullet (they almost tried during the campaign period). But will removing Among Ed from the governorship automatically mean a return to the “good old days” for them?

Ask the Kapampangans who voted for him and who felt the exhilaration and hope that came with COMELEC’s official announcement of Among Ed’s victory… Ask them if they want to return to those days when their choice for a leader was limited to only the “evil” and the “more evil.” 😦

Better yet, let us drown out their schemings with our collective voices of support! Email and tell Among Ed (and those who seek to destroy what he represents) what you feel about all this.

Among Ed: the one “Good” among the many “Bad and Ugly”

5 thoughts on “Among Ed: the one “Good” among the many “Bad and Ugly”

  1. We Hope too see more Among Ed in the Philippine Leadership. Non-trapos. A breath of fresh air. A spark of light in this age of political darkness. Keep it up. Padayon!

    Taroogs – our hopes exactly, iceyelo… sana nga mas dumami pa ang mga katulad niyang pulitiko… at mas dumami din ang katulad ng mga taong bumoto sa kanya

  2. Kahit anong probinsya or barangay pa, laging ganyan ang problema. Nakakatanga na nga minsan kasi imbes na tulungan makaahon nun mga nasa lokal na barangay ang kapwa nila, marami ang nasisilaw sa mga biyayang bigay ng mga korupt na opisyal ng gobyerno kaya mas pinipili nilang talikdan ang sinumpaan nilang tungkulin.

    Everything starts small. If corruption exists in each barangay, what else would you expect of the national government? Para yang bahay na pagkaganda-ganda sa labas. Pero pag tinignan mo yun mga kasuluksulukan ng bawat singit ng bahay, makikita mo na inaanay at binubukbok na pala. Di mo maaasagan na magkaron ng matibay na bahay (gobyerno) kung sa pinakapundasyon nito(barangay) eh pinamamahayan na ito ng mga anay.

    – well said, nika. have the filipino people become so cynical that we refuse to vote correctly — for non-trapos — but insist on “selling” our votes to the highest bidder, to our patrons and the like?

  3. Gud Lak na lang kay Among Ed at sa mga taga Pampanga…..iba talaga ang likaw ng mga pulitika sa pilipinas …..baka mamaya magaya lang si Among ED kay Hesus noong panahon nya…nakakatakot para sa kanya kung ganoon.

    Taroogs – true, kapatid… kapag tingnan mo ang mga kaganapan sa pulitika sa pampanga, klaro na kung sino si Hudas, si Pilato at kung sino ang mga Romano’t Hudyo… haaays 😦

  4. ako man kinakabahan, p’re… malinaw na kinukuyog sya ng mga “taga-kabila” mismomg sa ‘teritoryo’ din niya/nila.
    Si “Among Ed” — hindi LANG yan maka-DIYOS*, isa ding taong maka-TAO!
    haaays, ‘Tatay Ed’… kung pwede lang sanang dumami pa ang “lahi” mo.

    *maraming IBAng “maka-DIYOS” (kuno!) — pero hindi naman maka-TAO (panong nangyari yun?)

    Taroogs – ang tawag dun, bok… “in denial!” wehehehe

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