Fanboy moment #1 (with Conrado de Quiros)

Woohoo! I got Conrado de Quiros’ latest book autographed!


This happy occasion (to me at least) happened during a discussion session with Conrado de Quiros at Kape Tasyo, where Conrad talked about (among many other things):

  • how copying the writing style of another writer is not necessarily bad, provided that this later helps you in developing a writing style uniquely your own;
  • how smoking four packs a day would have killed him had he not quit during the mid-80s;
  • how he swore off beer for health reasons and how this, surprisingly, did not have any adverse effect on his writing; and,
  • how practice really does make perfect.

Shempre, Conrad also talked about his book, Tongues on Fire (his fourth, if I’m not mistaken).


Kung may extra kayong datung, go out and buy the book (and contribute to Conrad’s “beer fund” – a.k.a., pambili ng pirated DVDs. Hehehehe…)

Fanboy moment #1 (with Conrado de Quiros)

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