“People Power” in Burma… Coming Very Soon?

No doubt about it, Burma (Myanmar) is definitely in the throes of a “People Power” uprising.

The peaceful protest marches have been going on for several weeks already but it was only during these past few days that the “monk power” demonstrations in Burma really went into overdrive — from 100, to 1,000, to 20,000 Buddhist monks (and nuns) marching and chanting against the ruling military junta (the SPDC, formerly SLORC).


What I’m VERY worried about, however, is this — the current crop of Burmese Generals ruling Burma are known to be a very inhuman bunch, perpetrating atrocities against pro-democracy rallyists in previous mass demonstrations (the last, in 1988, where thousands were killed) and against freedom fighters of the Karen and Shan peoples.

Ang tanong: will these peaceful demonstrations lead to a truly peaceful regime change or will the ongoing police attacks against the marchers deteriorate once again into full military-led actions; i.e., another massacre?

And what role is being played by China, North Korea and the US in this unfolding drama?

For now, I join Dungkal and other bloggers who are waging an online campaign for Burma’s return to Democracy.

Sign the Petition if you believe Burma deserves to be free from tyranny.

Go! Go Burma!!

“People Power” in Burma… Coming Very Soon?

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