Erap: Guilty BUT with Reasonable Doubt pa din…

Parang kailan lang… Erap was such a happy boy:


Kaya lang… naganap ang ilang bagay na alam na nating lahat… And Erap wasn’t so happy anymore:


And, definitely, Erap is more unhappy now than ever before… what with his recent conviction by the Sandiganbayan for the (heinous) crime of Plunder, which carries with it the maximum penalty of reclusion perpetua to death.

However, since the Death Penalty has already been abolished in the Philippines (ewan lang kung for good na nga), Erap will be looking at a possible lifetime of confinement to his resort in Tanay, Rizal — which really isn’t that bad a prospect, to be honest. Kaysa naman sa Bilibid Prison siya itapon, di ba? Masyadong matutuwa sina Jalosjos at Mayor Sanchez nun!

Or, worse, sa Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centerkung saan required na sumali sa synchronized dancing ang mga inmates! Hehehe…

But what did this “conviction” kuno really show us (or me, at least)? Well, simple lang… and this is probably the incurable cynic in me talking: The law, as it applies to people of Erap’s stature (and of Gloria’s stature as well) is NOT THE SAME LAW as applies to ordinary people. That’s as general a statement as I can make about the state of Philippine Jurisprudence today.

Napakasakit, Kuya Eddie…. 😦 Minsan tuloy, gusto ko na sa Sweden na lang tumira.

Erap: Guilty BUT with Reasonable Doubt pa din…

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