Something “Ignoble” inside the Philippine UN Office?


In truth, I’ve already heard of this “UN Scandal” a month before the “Great Malu Fernandez Scandal” first broke out in the blogoshpere.

I was planning to write a post about this issue but I never got around to do it. Two things hindered me — one was my then relative unease at blogging (newbie pa kasi); the other was the “Malucious Diva” herself, who succeeded in “hogging” (sorry, couldn’t resist that) my attention for several weeks 🙂

But now, given that the Malu Issue has progressed to another level, let me get back to Nileema Noble (that’s her the airbrushed arrow is pointing at).

Ms. Noble is currently the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative in the Philippines, and is, like “La Diva Loca,” also getting flak because of alleged “abusive” attitude displayed against her staff, who have already forwarded an official letter to UNDP-New York asking for Ms. Noble’s relief. Unfortunately, it seems the big shots in New York chose to dilly-dally on the matter instead.

So, in come the big guns — NGOs, journalists, bloggers, and Civil Society — to the fray! Their Call? For the United Nations to Walk the way they Talk (about Human Rights and Democracy) and remove Ms. (ig)Noble from her Philippine post forthwith.

I have added my name to the Online Petition. I hope you will, too.

Something “Ignoble” inside the Philippine UN Office?

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