“Freedom of Speech” isn’t a one-way street…


isiplugaw hit the nail squarely on the head… but so did the exiled jester. Seems like there’s just no letting this issue die.

Now that the tide of anti-Malu Fernandez sentiments is ebbing, out come the blog posters/blog commenters/journalists who are (pick one):

  1. obviously defending her just because they belong to the same newspaper
  2. censuring her for her writing style but at the same time defending the principle of “freedom of speech” which, they maintain, is her right as a journalist
  3. avoiding the issue altogether by calling on people to instead “look at yourselves first before criticizing Malu”

Ok. Great. Let’s take a look at each then.

To those belonging to the first category I say, “Yeah Right. Nice Try.”

Of course these people will defend her. Hello? Can anyone say “circle the wagons” three times quickly without stuttering? Let’s not waste time arguing with them because they’re just doing their JOB.

To those in the second category, paki-titigan ng mabuti yung title ng blogpost na ito ha? Bakit… ano ba tingin ninyo sa mga mambabasa — taga-kain na lang ng mga isinusulat ninyo?

And “Freedom of Speech” doesn’t apply to journalists alone. Readers have as much right to demonstrate their indignation and anger as writers have to communicate their bigoted opinions. Is it also the right of publishers to print bigoted opinions in their newspapers? Of course! Especially if the publishers are in total agreement with the bigoted opinions of their writers.

If you ask me, the caveat “the opinion of the author is his/hers alone and does not represent the opinion of this newspaper” is lame. If it’s the personal opinion of the writer, let the writer publish it in his/her personal blog! Why spend a lot of money to help spread that “personal” opinion? “Because people have the right to know so that they can make informed decisions,” you say? Then why rile against those OFWs who decided to vent their anger against Malu Fernandez after they found out about her article?

And then there’s the third category. Sandali… deep breath muna ako.

“Look at myself before criticizing others” kamo? Ok, magawa nga.

(Looks at self. Admiringly at first… pero unti-unting nawawala ang ngiti sa mukha. hehehe…)

Hmmm… I see an imperfect person… a person no different from anyone else in this Earth (give or take a few exceptional people)… a person with frailties common to all mortals…

There… Masaya ka na?

But I STILL think Malu Fernandez is a BIGOTED BITCH.

“Freedom of Speech” isn’t a one-way street…

8 thoughts on ““Freedom of Speech” isn’t a one-way street…

  1. Ms. Red ay nagsasabing:

    We are living in a free country and everyone has his/her own rights to avail that freedom including the freedom of speech. Journalist/Columnist should be thankful because they earn money for using that freedom (because we pay them money to buy their products) but, it doesn’t mean that they have to be selfish and put that freedom in their pockets only. We do not just chew and swallow. We taste it if it’s good or bad. And then we will comment.

    Malu cooked a very poisonous food that all Filipinos all over the globe got sick. Don’t tell me that we will just shut our mouth and wait ’till we die? Die for being humiliated by a single person that proudly called herself a DIVA?

    Diva means “Devine One” or “Goddess”. Now I say this back to her, “tingnan mo muna ang sarili mo bago ka mamintas sa ibang tao!”

  2. It’s a pity, I used to find Emil Jurado’s article very interesting and balanced. But it seems his views has taken a rather disturbing slant. Obviously there will always be people with bad manners rich or poor, I have encountered people in flights (Well-dressed and looking real “sosyal”) disregard attendant’s requests and instructions up until he is forced to do so. The rules of manners don’t only apply to migrant workers, they apply to everyone, so please let’s not make any distinction when it comes to educating people what’s wrong or right.

  3. rossanova ay nagsasabing:

    Di ko na tinapos ang article ni Emil Jurado dahil nasusuka na ako. Classic. Blame it on the uncouth!

    Masarap kayang kainin ang snobbery at elitism? Ba’t yung ang kinahihiligan nila?

    Eh kung manood kaya sila ng “Hairspray”. They might just recognize their own bigotry. And know what’s fun and not.

    :)Mabuhay ang mga masaya!

  4. Ms. Red ay nagsasabing:

    Nakaka bwiset nga yung ibang columnist. kung kelan tapos napapanis na ang issue eh saka palang umi-eksena. Ano yon? Gusto rin nila ng HITS sa articles nila? Naku ewan, kaya wala akong hilig magbasa ng mga walang kwentang pinag susulat nila.

  5. Jae ay nagsasabing:

    PUT TANG IN A GLASS!!! ano ba yan!!!!!!! i just read the emil jurado article. nasuka din ako!!!!! yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko, mas delikado talaga ang mga tao who hide their bigotry and prejudice under veils of benign language.

    andaming pilipinong pinapatay sa ibang bansa, nirarape ng amo, nagiging biktima ng illegal recruitment — yan ang dapat tutukan ng POEA. Pinoproblema niya na ang mga OFW nagmamanicure-an sa mga park sa Hong Kong tuwing linggo, problemahin muna nya na kamakailan lamang, may domestic helper na ginang-rape at kinuhanan pa ng sex video ang pag-rarape. KAUNTING SENSE OF SCALE NAMAN DYAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    alam mo, naiintindihan ko completely yung mga OFW na galit na galit sa mga elitistang ganyan kung makapagsalita. Kasi ako andito ako ngayon sa isang aircon na opis sa Pinas, may maayos na trabaho, at nakakasama ko ang mga mahal ko sa buhay sa pang-araw araw — gigil na gigil na ako. Ano pa kaya ang mga nakikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa, namumuhay ng walang katiyakan?

  6. taroogs ay nagsasabing:

    @Jae – sister, hinay lang at baka makalas ang braces ng puso moh! hehehe… kaya nga ako e… i wear my (mild and righteous) racism and cynicism on my sleeve for all to see. Di na kailangang itago pa. Di gaya nitong si Don Emil 🙂

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