Quo Vadis, Diva? Nahimasmasan ka na ba?

Hmmm…. You issued a Public Apology AND resigned from both the Manila Standard Today and People Asia Magazine all in one day. Wow… what can I say?

Actually, wala na masyado, except maybe “Ok… buti naman…” (and that with a mildly doubting look on my face pa ha).

Many bloggers have already spoken (written) about this “resolution” to the Malu Fernandez Scandal — some not believing that she was sincere in her apology and that she was, in all probability, forced by her publishers (or by embarrassed politician-relatives) to resign against her will; others, and I count myself among this group, chose to adopt a “wait and see” attitude.

Wait for what? Look out for what?

Well… sa kung anong mga susunod na magaganap, shempre!

Malu Fernandez issued an apology, yes… But what about her editors who allowed her patently bigoted and insensitive articles to get published? At mukhang nagpapalusot pa nga yung dyaryo niya! Buti na lang at hindi pumayag ang iba na palampasin na lang ng basta-basta ang ganitong mga hirit.

She resigned from her two writing jobs, yes… but who’s to say she won’t ever write again (and maybe under a fictitious name this time)? Although — and I emphasize this — IF she does write again BUT refrains from being her old self, THEN I have absolutely NO problem with it. By all means, write. It’s your right. Freedom of Speech and all that… But remember that it is also my right to respond if your writing is offensive to me.

And finally, what about the widespread (world-wide and cross-sector) anger that she managed to stir up? Will her apology and resignation be enough to stifle that hornet’s nest?

I don’t know what will happen next… but if there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s this — because of the international attention that Malu Fernandez got and the resulting e-traffic that was generated as a result — “Malu Fernandez” — the name, the person, the phrase — has now merited an entry in Wikipedia!

Sikat na sikat ka na, gurl. Kongrats.


Quo Vadis, Diva? Nahimasmasan ka na ba?

6 thoughts on “Quo Vadis, Diva? Nahimasmasan ka na ba?

  1. taroogs ay nagsasabing:

    @Tim: o nga e! shet… i can now die a happy blogger! hehehe… pero wag muna… dami pa kailangang gawin, di ba?

    @Ms. Red: yup, every single posting, every click of the “forward” tab counted! yehehaaay!!!

    @Maru: yun nga lang… pero napilitan naman siyang mag-apologize in public. and for someone like her… that probably hurt (her pride) like hell

    @Drew: kongrats din kapatid! Dubai was at the forefront of this campaign and you were there!

    @MLQ3: oh… my… god… 🙂

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