Genuine Safety Issue or orchestrated China-bashing?

Alam natin na medyo negatibo na ang konotasyon ng mga katagang “Made in China”mga produktong sirain… mababa ang kalidad… cheap… peke…

But just recently, those words came to mean another thing — “Made in China” products, it seems, can now potentially kill you, your child, and even your pet. Needless to say, the economic backlash against China was immediate.

Early this year, a major US animal-feed provider recalled its products because they contained unsafe levels of Melamine, an agent toxic to animals. Components of the pet food were imported from China. Mahigit 100 brands ng pet food ang naapektuhan ng recall na ito.

Next came the hazardous toys. 3 major American toy companies, one after the other, initiated recalls of more than 10 million units produced in China. Reasons given were toxic levels of Lead in the paint used and that the toys’ loose parts were choking hazards. Chinese-made children’s jewelry were also deemed dangerous for kids. The stress and shame caused by this particular recall actually caused the boss of a Chinese toy company to commit suicide.

At di pa dito natapos ang lista. Sa bansang Panama, 51 katao ang namatay di umano dahil sa pag-inom ng cough syrup na naglalaman ng nakalalasong kemikal na Diethylene Glycol. This chemical was imported from China. Chinese-made toothpastes being sold in Canada and the US were also found to contain traces of this chemical.

The US recently banned the importation of several types of seafood and farmed fish from China because they contained unsafe levels of antibiotics and disinfectants and were contaminated with Salmonella and pesticides!

Then there were the automobile tires that were prone to blowouts and cause accidents… and did you hear about the ceramic heaters that were liable to cause fires?

Pati ang Pilipinas di nakaiwas. I’m sure naaalala pa ninyo yung Formaldehyde sa White Rabbit at iba pang mga kendi?

Not surprisingly, China did not remain silent for long. It initiated sweeping investigations and immediately shut down those companies found to be operating illegally. Next, China executed the former head of its State Food and Drug Administration for “corruption.”

The Embassy of China in the Philippines likewise issued an official statement attesting to the “safety and quality” of its export products.

At siyempre, rumesbak din ang Tsina…

An obviously irate China seized food shipments from the US because they were “substandard.” Philippine banana chips exports were also declared to be containing unsafe levels of sulfur.

Saan kaya hahantong ang gantihang ito? May epekto kaya ito sa Spratleys?

Genuine Safety Issue or orchestrated China-bashing?

2 thoughts on “Genuine Safety Issue or orchestrated China-bashing?

  1. Jae ay nagsasabing:

    basta alam ko, may epekto sa more than 1 million hectares of Philippine agricultural land na binibigay natin sa china on a silver platter. haha. grim and determined.

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